Blood and Chaos: A Forgotten Realms 5th Edition D&D Adventure Path

It is the Year of Three Ships Sailing (1492 DR). The Spellplague is long in the past and the world is finally recovering from the chaos it brought. But even as the light shines, shadows still lurk. There are whispers of evil deeds done in darkness, of the soft but chilling chant of a long dead god’s name heard on the icy breath of the midnight wind.

To the west, a man named Viekang attacked a beloved Duke of Baldur’s Gate, resulting in a vicious battle. Both seemed to perish in that fight but a creature of pure blood and chaos was born of it. The Flaming Fist and local adventurers were able to destroy the creature, but not until it had left a swatch of destruction through the city. Afterwards, there were whispers the creature was an avatar of the dead god Bhaal, attempting to resurrect himself through the souls of his progeny, called Bhaalspawn.

Those in the know – or in the game of creating rumor – say that Bhaal’s bid failed because his avatar was destroyed too soon. But, they add, there are still more Bhaalspawn yet to be discovered, some with divine blood knowingly or unknowingly passed down from parent to child over generations, and others with naturally – or unnaturally – long lives.

Can the Lord of Murder finally, after more than a century, return in his full, vile glory? Will these rumored, unknown Bhaalspawn aid in their sire’s goal, or will they seek to hinder it and end any chance that Bhaal will ever return to Toril?

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Blood and Chaos

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